Welcome to Access 1 in 5.

This is either a momentous or terrifying prospect – having taken the plunge to set up as an independent IT consultant specialising in Accessibility I find myself with an expanse of bits to write upon and writer’s block. Let’s start with two easy questions:

  • Why Access 1in 5?
  • What can Access 1in 5 do for you?


Why Access 1 in 5?

1 in 5 is a number that occurs regularly in literature around disability and impairment – 1 in 5 people report or are noted as having an impairment that affects their daily activity or is considered a disability. Whilst that figure covers a wide range of impairment it is a sobering thought that, should your website be inaccessible, it will to varying extents restrict 1 in 5 of your potential customers from getting your message. Beyond those users with more obvious impairments we are all getting older and older users start to suffer from low vision, cognitive issues and physical pain and tremors. All these make it harder to access online information and services unless your site is built appropriately

What can Access 1in 5 do for you?

Kevin has been working in accessibility since 2006 and before that on user interfaces for a variety of consumer electronics. Access 1 in 5 can audit, advise and, where appropriate, update your content for maximum accessibility. Access 1in 5 also has a passion for using IT effectively – we can advise on making the best of your considerable investment in It, hardware and social media to reach the widest audience with the least pain.

Watch this space for more updates or contact us on 021 2220638 or kevin@access1in5.co.nz for more details

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