Kevin Prince has a wide experience in accessibility auditing and consulting for both the private and public sector. His CV is available to view or CV Download (Accessible PDF).

Kevin at the Nethui conference leading an accessibility session.

Kevin at Nethui South waxing lyrical on Accessibility.

Why Access1in5?

1 in 5 is a number that occurs regularly in literature around disability and impairment – 1 in 5 people report or are noted as having an impairment that affects their daily activity or is considered a disability. Whilst that figure covers a wide range of impairment it is a sobering thought that, should your website be inaccessible, it will to varying extents restrict 1 in 5 of your potential customers from getting your message. Beyond those users with more obvious impairments we are all getting older and older users start to suffer from low vision, cognitive issues and physical pain and tremors. All these make it harder to access online information and services unless your site is built appropriately

Pretty much as soon as I’d determined on the name NZ Stats updated the reference and now it’s approximately 1 in 4 New Zealanders who identify as having an impairment of some sort. Even more reason to get it right.

What can Access1in5 do for you?

Kevin has been working in accessibility since 2006 and before that on user interfaces for a variety of online and consumer electronic products. Access1in5 can audit, advise and, where appropriate, update your content for maximum accessibility. Access1in5 also has a passion for using IT effectively – we can advise on making the best of your considerable investment in IT, hardware and social media to reach the widest audience with the least pain.

Access1in5 are also passionate about requirements – if you don’t know what your customer expects then how do you know when you’ve finished it or whether it does what it should. Strong clear requirements lead to strong clear testing.Read more about Requirements

Watch this space for more updates or contact us on 021 2226623 or kevin@access1in5.co.nz for more details

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