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Kevin is deeply familiar with both the application, and the underlying principles, of the WCAG 2.0 Accessibility Guidelines and the associated NZ Government Web Standard. He was a contributor to the latter and strongly believes that a pragmatic application of the standards based on the 4 Principles makes a huge difference to all web users.

If your site, or application, is designed and maintained with POUR at its heart then you are well on the way to accessibility for all and a better user experience as a bonus. What are the principles, as noted by the WCAG?

  1. Perceivable – can I find the control, information, artefact?
  2. Operable – having found a control can I use it?
  3. Understandable – is it clear what it does, what the information is or what language?
  4. Robust – is the underlying code correct tech can interpret for access

Access1in5 can help by working with your design and coding teams to ensure that the principles are followed early on when it’s cheaper and quicker to adjust or by testing the intermediate or final designs. We can produce a report on new or existing sites and designs or carry out a full audit against a standard. Costs vary depending on whether travel is required and the number of pages but a short report covering the home page, contact methods and two representative pages will give you a huge boost towards accessibility. The majority of issues tend, in our experience, to be repeated from page to page so can be fixed at template level. Audits, by their nature, must be more comprehensive and are priced on a per page basis as each has to be individually checked against all the checkpoints of the desired standard. Obviously if you can manage to get the common errors fixed by running a report early then the audit process can be much shorter (and cheaper :))

Access1in5 will use a variety of browsers, platforms (MAC/PC/mobile) and assistive technology including screenreader and magnification as well as non-mouse access and automated test tools. This provides a comprehensive work out for your site or application however we can also call on users with specific impairments to add specific details or explore areas of concern to the customer.

Indicative Pricing (ex GST)

  • Report to cover a typical Homepage, Contact and 2 representative pages: to recommend changes and provide examples of best practice – $750*
  • WCAG Audit Level A plus 2 hours remote consultancy- $300 plus $100 per page *
  • WCAG Audit Level AA plus 2 hours remote consultancy- $400 plus $200 per page*
  • Consultancy (travel by mutual agreement) – $100 per hour

*These prices are indicative, assume local travel in Christchurch and telephone/internet support. Call us on 021 2220638 or email to discuss your specific requirements. Remember that the complexity of the site will affect the estimate so its well worth talking.
We’re a pragmatic service: we want all your clients to reach you so we try not to get hung up on meeting 100% of the standard if achieving 80% opens access.

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